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News Focus - January 2023

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The importance of movement for managing discomfort 


If you live with physical discomfort, it can be tempting to circumvent movement altogether to avoid further injury. But the opposite is, in fact, true. Activity turns down the physical discomfort ‘volume button’. Inactivity, by contrast, can trigger a cascade of events known to exacerbate symptoms. Here, we look at the role movement plays in ongoing physical discomfort. Link to article.


Lutein and zeaxanthin may reduce frailty risk

Found in food sources such as leafy green vegetables, eggs and carrots, lutein and zeaxanthin are most commonly associated with supporting eye health. However, emerging evidence indicates that these diet-derived carotenoids may also play a role in conditions that occur as a result of oxidative stress, including frailty and low bone density. This study suggests healthier diet patterns abundant in lutein and zeaxanthin may be helpful to better health. Link to article.


Supplements shown to lower blood pressure


Lifestyle adjustments are paramount for managing hypertension. This research backed article suggests that certain supplements may also play a supportive role in lowering blood pressure. Click to find out more. Link to article

How to support female health on a plant-based diet


Women are more likely to experience nutritional deficiencies on a vegan diet. That doesn’t mean they can’t reap the benefits of a plant-based diet, it just means they need to exercise a little more caution. Find out how here. Link to article

The health benefits of almonds


A handful of nuts a day is a common health adage, but in this study, they isolate one nut in particular, almonds. These nutritious morsels are loaded with vitamins, minerals, protein and fibre. Take a closer look here. Link to article

Two antioxidant vitamins that support cognitive health


There’s an overwhelming choice of practices to support cognitive health, from brain training games to expanding social interactions, there’s a lot to consider. Start simply by increasing your intake of antioxidants. Find out more. Link to article

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