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News Focus - February 2023

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Take three supplements for arthritis symptoms, expert says 


The debilitating effects of arthritis and joint problems are experienced by millions of us. Feeling a modicum of power over the condition can be emboldening. The expert in this piece gives diet advice and suggests three nutrients which can both reduce and attenuate symptoms. Link to article.


Taking a certain vitamin could reduce risk of diabetes, study suggests

Pre-diabetes is a condition where someone has an unhealthy high blood sugar level, but it is not high enough to be considered diabetic. Researchers have identified a nutrient that may be helpful in decreasing the risk of developing diabetes, in those with pre-diabetes, and it’s likely you’re taking it already!Link to article.


The importance of sleep to manage discomfort


The relationship between sleep and physical discomfort is complex. If you live with discomfort, you may find yourself in a cycle of anxiety, low mood, insomnia and more discomfort. Find out how to improve your sleep here.Link to article

High evidence plant sterols reduce 'bad' cholesterol levels - backed by 5 solid studies


Sterols naturally occur in foods such as vegetable oils, nuts and seeds. These compounds have a similar structure to cholesterol, but they are thought to decrease absorption of the harmful LDL form of cholesterol. Learn more.Link to article

Why vitamin K is so important for bone health


The awareness around vitamin K for skeletal wellbeing is building. No longer are experts looking at calcium and vitamin D in isolation when considering bone health. Discover the health properties of vitamin K and food sourcesLink to article

Study: Increased omega-3 intake associated with better muscle strength


It is widely established that muscle strength declines with age and with age-related conditions. Protein is a top suggestion to support muscle health. This study also confers the health potential of omega 3s. Find out more.Link to article

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