Betaine Hydrochloride

With Pepsin to help digest proteins
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  • Small, taste-free tablets
  • Dissolve in the stomach where they are needed
  • With the enzyme pepsin, to help break down protein
  • Made to GMP pharmaceutical standards

This is a specialist product for aiding digestion which supplies a relevant level of betaine, a compound that releases hydrochloric acid, plus pepsin, an enzyme that breaks down proteins in food.
The stomach naturally produces hydrochloric acid to keep its contents acidic. This is important for effective digestion by enzymes and for killing pathogenic bacteria present in the food so that the ingested food is sterilised. It also allows Vitamin B12 to be extracted from the food we eat. However as we age, we tend to produce less acid and so a supplement can be useful to help replace some of the lost acidity.

Product Information
Daily Intake
As a food supplement to aid protein digestion, take 1 tablet with each main meal, to a maximum of 3 per day. Swallow the tablets whole. Do not exceed recommended daily dose.
Food supplements should not replace a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.
Typically per tablet
Betaine Hydrochloride324mg
Pepsin 5mg
Cellulose, Betaine Hydrochloride, DiCalcium Phosphate, Tablet Coating (Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose, Glycerin), Silicon Dioxide, Magnesium Stearate, Stearic Acid, Pepsin.
Suitable for / Cautions
Suitable For
This product is suitable for all adults.
This product is free from wheat, yeast, dairy, soya, nuts and shellfish.
This product is free from gluten containing ingredients.
This product is not suitable for vegetarians.
This product is not suitable during pregnancy and breast feeding.
Do not take if peptic ulcers are present or suspected.
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By , 30 Apr 2018
Very good product taking just sort time but feel better already digestive sistem work very good.
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"Extremely effective"
By , 30 Apr 2018
This product is an absolute digestion saver. I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone with any digestion issue. i would start with one tablet when eating protein and see how things go from there. Almost instant results
Recommend to a friend: Yes
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"Useful for me"
By , 17 Apr 2018
Been using these for a good while now.
Good product and helps with my digestion, very happy with them.
Recommend to a friend: Yes
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"Got my life back"
By , 24 Mar 2018
After having my gaul bladder removed 15 years ago, I have suffered non stop with my digestive system. First told I had IBS then diverticulitis then inflammation of the bowl. To cut a long story short I read on a forum about this product, I am no doctor but along with cutting out products containing refined sugars and adding a good probiotic tablet to my diet along with this product...... Life has returned
Recommend to a friend: Yes
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By , 26 Jan 2018
Living with chronic lack of stomach acid Ian hard, but this product help and with digestion a lot.
Recommend to a friend: Yes
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