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Aromatherapy Packaging

Aromatherapy Packaging

Alongside our traditional supplements, we offer an uplifting collection of 100% natural essential oils. Our blended range has been expertly formulated to awaken and invigorate your senses. They will effortlessly complement your mood, enhance your wellbeing, and inject a blissful moment of relaxation into your day. Besides smelling divine, our essences are packaged in a sustainable way, too.

To support the integrity of our essential oils, especially in transit, they’re encased in protective cartons. The paperboard in our carton derives from a natural, renewable resource: wood. Wood, by any measure, is the most environmentally responsible raw material at our disposal. Unlike other natural resources – coal, petrol, and natural gas, for instance – trees can grow back. Plus, the extraction of wood products requires far less carbon, water, and energy than other raw materials. A well-managed forest landscape extracts carbon, captures solar, and provides us with a wealth of environmental services. Can the same be said about a soybean field?

Of course, it’s still important to protect and conserve these valuable resources. And that’s why, once you’ve opened your little box of essential oil goodness, you can pop the carton straight in the recycling bin. Recycling a carton as many times as possible allows gets a big thumbs up from us for several reasons: it reduces the amount of packaging polluting the environment; it redirects materials away from landfill; it minimises our overall carbon footprint; and it sends carton into the next chapter of its life cycle, where it can be used to make a host of more exciting, useful products.

To preserve the properties and authentic aromatics of our essential oils, we always use blue or brown glass bottles. We believe this material is the most conducive to minimising exposure to light and oxygen – both of which conspire to ruin our unique essences. Like the cartons, you can recycle glass at your nearest kerbside recycling point. The beauty of glass is that it can be recycled endlessly without losing purity or quality. Beyond this, recycling glass reduces consumption of raw materials, curbs greenhouse gas emissions, and saves a ton of energy in production. Recycled glass is always a key component of glass manufacture. And the more it’s used, the less energy the furnace needs to create new glass products.

Before recycling your essential oil bottle, peel off the label, double it over, and recycle with plastics. Don’t forget to unscrew the lid, either – this can be recycled with your kerbside recycling.



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