Weight Gain - Vanilla Flavour

Great tasting, pure whey protein all-in-one formula, made in the UK
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The perfect protein for those who struggle to consume both the quality and number of calories required for big muscle gains. Ideal either as a mid morning/afternoon snack or post training.

  • Supports muscle growth
  • 39 g protein & 345 kcal per serving
  • Healthy monounsaturated fats from olive oil
  • Nature's Best Sport offers a world class range of premium, UK made supplements.

This is an ideal product if you are aiming to gain weight and strength. Each serving provides you with an impressive 35g of high quality protein, plus plenty of healthy calories to fuel your strength and size gains. Complex carbohydrates are provided in the form of maltodextrin, plus we have added healthy monounsaturated fatty acids derived from olive oil. Weight Gainer is convenient and flexible so you can adapt it to your specific training needs. This product best used as an extra meal, alternatively, Weight Gainer works great immediately after training. The whey provides the body with an excellent array of amino acids, including high levels of branch chain amino acids (BCAA's), which are the essential components needed to build muscle.
Product Information
Daily Intake
Add 4 level scoops (100g) to 500ml of water or skimmed milk. For the best results use a blender. Take one serving per day between main meals. Two servings can be taken on training days if required.
TypicallyPer 100g Serving
of which Sugars4.0g
of which Saturates3.1g
Also provides
Beta Alanine2.0g
Beta-hydroxyl beta-methylbutyrate (HMB)1.5g
Amino Acid Profile
Aspartic Acid2.8g
Glutamic Acid10.0g
*=Bcaa **=Essential Amino Acid1.9g
Carbohydrate Blend (Fine oats (Gluten), Maltodextrin), Whey Protein Blend (Whey Protein Concentrate (Milk, Soy), Whey Protein Isolate (Milk, Soy)), Glutamine Peptides (Gluten), Creatine Monohydrate, Beta Alanine, L-Leucine, Flavouring, Beta-hydroxybeta-methylbutyrate Calcium (HMB), Medium Chain Triglycerides, L-Glutamine, Stabiliser (Xanthan Gum), Artificial Sweetener (Sucralose).
Suitable for / Cautions
Suitable For
This product is suitable for all adults. This product is suitable for vegetarians.
For allergens see ingredients listed in bold
This product is free from yeast, and shellfish.
Produced in a factory that handles: Wheat , Eggs, Peanuts, Nuts and Soya.
Do not take if pregnant or breast feeding.
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"Weight Gainer"
By , 27 Jan 2015
Why do you use this product ?
Since taking this weight gain formula, I've applied 2 stone of weight (mostly muscle). Incredible what you can do with changing your nutrition. Lovely vanilla flavour, although works best in a blender.
Recommend to a friend: Yes
Value for money:
How much has this product helped you?
"Weight Gain"
By , 22 Dec 2014
Why do you use this product ?
Incredible flavour, not synthetic at all. By far the best value gainer on the market at the mo. Life isn't cheap, but its good to know you can still find quality nutrition that's affordable.
Recommend to a friend: Yes
Value for money:
How much has this product helped you?
"Weight Gainer"
By , 24 Oct 2014
Why do you use this product ?
It is nice and creamy when added to milk, really look forward to this mid morning or mid afternoon. Have seen great results since taking this.
Recommend to a friend: Yes
Value for money:
How much has this product helped you?
"Weight Gainer"
By , 03 Oct 2014
Why do you use this product ?
Having a severe virus infection and finding difficulty in eating I changed from whey protein to Weight Gainer to help stop weight loss.
Recommend to a friend: Yes
Value for money:
How much has this product helped you?
By , 03 Oct 2013
Why do you use this product ?
I have started to use this weight gain to go alongside a new gym routine which I have started to help build muscle and more weight. I am not a big guy and this seems to be working well and I like the flavor compared to others I have tried.
Recommend to a friend: Yes
Value for money:
How much has this product helped you?