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Our Formulations

Our formulas are unique and made to GMP standards in the UK. Optimum nutrition is our core focus, which is why we develop innovative formulas and supplements at relevant levels.

Uniquely Nature’s Best®

Our formulas are so uniquely ours that we ought to have Nature’s Best written through them like a stick of rock! Maybe we should suggest that to our Technical Team.

Good Manufacturing Practice

All our tablets and capsules are made to GMP standards in the UK, in factories licensed to make pharmaceutical products. We were the first mail order company to insist on GMP as standard.

Tablet Coatings

We were the first company to insist on film coating for all tablets. It makes them easier and safer to swallow. It adds up to 20% extra cost to us – but we prefer to choke on the cost than have a customer choke on the tablet.

Disintegration Time

Anyone can make a really hard ‘bed pan bullet’ but our tablets are carefully formulated and rigorously tested to ensure they disintegrate between 30 to 60 minutes after swallowing.

Manufacturing Accuracy

10µg of Vitamin D would appear as a spec this big.. By using sheer skill and experience, a tablet maker ensures that this amount, give or take just 10%, goes in every tablet. Wow!

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