Gym Sessions

Gym Sessions

For those who do not partake in a sport but like to keep fit and active, the gym is the best place to go and with 5.2 million adults having a membership to a private gym in the UK, it is clear that it is a very popular way to keep fit and one that should not be overlooked.

The best thing about using a gym to keep fit is that you can tailor build your work out regime to suit you and you can get out of it exactly what you want. As with different sports there are many different types of exercise and benefits to the body when working out at a gym and they are all dependant on what you want to achieve for yourself, here we cover some different forms of exercise and how to build a gym session around each, we also recommend different supplements to help aid and support your sessions, giving you the best chance to succeed.

Cardiovascular Fitness:
As most of us are probably aware, cardio vascular fitness is the fitness of the heart and lungs. The more training we do to increase our CO fitness, the better our bodies are able to deliver oxygen to our muscles, which our muscles then use for energy and movement. The more exercise you do, the more efficient your heart becomes at pumping oxygenated blood around your body and the more efficient your muscles become at using it. Good CO fitness has many health benefits too.

Exercises/Equipment to use in your work out session to help you improve your cardiovascular fitness:
Cardiovascular Fitness

Anaerobic Exercise:
Anaerobic exercise means ‘without oxygen.’ It is used by athletes in high endurance sports who rely more on strength, power and size. The performance for people using this kind of exercise usually only needs to be sustained for a short time but at a high intensity. Therefore, the types of exercises and ways of training to achieve this are different from cardiovascular fitness.

Exercises/Equipment to use in your work out session to help you improve your anaerobic fitness:

Anaeorobic Fitness

Weight Training:
Most people who use the gym, use the weights. Usually this is either to tone up or bulk up! Weight training is linked somewhat to cardiovascular training because by the very principle of CO fitness, the better able your heart is at pumping more oxygenated blood to your muscles and the better able your muscles are at using that achieve better results for you. As weight training is about muscle building, it helps to have a good level of CO fitness as well.

Exercises/Equipment to use in your work out session to help you to tone up and/or bulk up:

Weight Training

We have top quality products that can support and enhance your gym sessions. Have a look in the 'Your Goals' section of the site to see what you want to achieve and which products can help you to do this!

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