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Weight Loss: The Facts Weight Loss: The Facts Anyone who reads or watches the news knows that obesity is becoming an ever greater p... Read More
Candida: Causes & Treatment Candida: Causes & Treatment In the 1970s, doctors in America identified a condition they called candidiasis. More... Read More
Erectile dysfunction Erectile dysfunction Erectile dysfunction (ED) often also called impotence is when a man cannot get or keep an erection. Read More
Cold Sores Cold Sores Cold sores, little blisters that develop on the lips or around the mouth are caused b... Read More
Prostate Health Prostate Health Prostate gland problems are surprisingly common, with an estimated one in two men tho... Read More
Infertility Infertility If you have been trying for a baby for a year or more, without any success, you may be diagnosed as infertile. Read More
Pregnancy Pregnancy If you’ve just found out you’re pregnant, congratulations. For the next nine months t... Read More
Raynaud’s Phenomenon Raynaud’s Phenomenon Also known as Raynaud’s phenomenon, Raynaud’s syndrome and Raynaud’s disease, Raynaud... Read More
Blepharitis Blepharitis Around one in 20 people who see their GP for an eye problem have blepharitis, says th... Read More
Premenstrual Tension (PMS) Premenstrual Tension (PMS) If you dread the week or so before your period, you're not alone. Nearly all women of... Read More
Cardiovascular Disease Cardiovascular Disease The heart is a muscle that's about the size of your fist. It beats around 100,000 tim... Read More
Thyroid Disorders & Remedies Thyroid Disorders & Remedies According to the British Thyroid Foundation, thyroid disorders affect one in 20 peopl... Read More
Diabetes Causes and Treatments Diabetes Causes and Treatments According to the charity Diabetes UK, there are currently about 3.8 million people in... Read More
Age Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) Age Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) Around half a million people in the UK are thought to be affected by a condition that... Read More
What are cataracts? What are cataracts? Worldwide, cataracts are the most common cause of vision impairment, with around one ... Read More
Osteoporosis Symptoms Osteoporosis Symptoms It’s estimated that more than three million people in the UK have osteoporosis, the d... Read More
Anxiety Symptoms Anxiety Symptoms Anxiety is something just about everyone experiences to some extent. It’s how you fee... Read More
What is Fibromyalgia? What is Fibromyalgia? Sometimes also called fibromyalgia syndrome, fibromyalgia causes a number of symptoms... Read More
Colds and Flu Colds and Flu According to the NHS colds and flu affect 15 million people each year in the UK, trig... Read More
Restless Leg Syndrome Restless Leg Syndrome Also known as Willis-Ekbom disease, restless legs syndrome (RLS) is thought to affect... Read More
Indigestion and Heartburn Indigestion and Heartburn Indigestion and heartburn are common digestive complaints, and many people experience them from time to time. Read More
Sleep and Insomnia Sleep and Insomnia Anyone who’s ever tossed and turned in bed for hours desperately trying to get to sle... Read More
Migraine Symptoms and Treatments Migraine Symptoms and Treatments A common type of headache, migraine is thought to affect around one in every five wom... Read More
Depression Signs and Symptoms Depression Signs and Symptoms Some people, however, may be more likely to develop depression than others. For insta... Read More