Compeed Blister Relief Medium 5's

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  • Instant relief from foot blisters
  • Prevents rubbing
  • Encourages fast healing
  • Stays in place for days
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  • Instant relief from foot blisters
  • Prevents rubbing
  • Encourages fast healing
  • Stays in place for days
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Product Information
Compeed® Blister Plasters are designed to provide instant pain relief for foot blisters while helping blisters to heal quickly. Acting like a second skin, Compeed® Blister Plasters protect and cushion a blister, stopping your shoes from rubbing it and making it even more painful.
Compeed® Blister Plasters use Hydrocolloid Active Gel Technology, which is a gel with particles that absorb moisture, including fluid from the blister. When these particles swell during treatment they create a thick cushioning effect, which relieves pressure on the skin and reduces friction. Compeed® Blister Plasters are made from a flexible polyurethane film that adapts to the surface being treated to help with mobility. They also protect the blister from being contaminated by bacteria, which helps reduce the risk of infection.
To use Compeed® Blister Plasters, first clean and dry your foot (do not use any creams or oils). Carefully apply the plaster over the blister to be treated, making sure you don’t touch the adhesive side of the plaster. You can then leave the plaster until it starts to come off (Compeed® Blister Plasters can stay in place for several days, though this varies from one person to the next).
Always read the instructions that come with the pack before use. If you are living with diabetes, please speak to your doctor before using Compeed® Blister Plasters.
Compeed® hydrocolloid technology is an active gel with moisture absorbing particles. Compeed® plaster acts like a second skin to support the natural moisture balance, to:
Relieve blister pain instantly.
Protect and cushion against rubbing.
Offer fast wound healing.
Clean and dry skin before use. Do not touch adhesive side of plaster. Leave in place until it starts to detach. May be up to several days.
Diabetics: consult doctor before use.
Full instructions and warnings inside.
Warnings: Diabetics: consult with your doctor before use. - do not apply on infected wounds. Do not reuse, to avoid infection. If blister worsens or does not heal stop exercising and consult a doctor. Never cut a Compeed plaster. Glue residue on clothing can be removed with white spirit, considering the special care instructions of the fabric.
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