Your Goals

Who's your sporting idol? Whether you're inspired by heroes of yesteryear like Ali or Schwarzenegger, or recent Olympic medallists, there's one thing which those inspiring sportspeople have in common. It's not their work ethic, their genetic fortune or even their sporting skill. It's what goes on inside their heads: their mental strength and their ability to set goals and visualise.
Sports psychology is a key part of any successful sportsperson's arsenal. If you don't have a goal, how will you know how to get there? And if you can't visualise what your achievement will see, feel and sound like, how will you maintain the momentum you need when training gets tough?

Goal setting is the first stage on the long, challenging and rewarding journey to sporting success, whether your goal is to run a mile or to win Olympic gold. The ability to set a concrete goal, come up with a realistic plan, and stick to it, is what unites athletes across all sports.

There are several great ways to get started with goal setting in sport. How about a goal board, a physical pinboard with motivating quotes, inspiring pictures and images which remind you of the goal you've set yourself?
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