Soya Lecithin & Granules

Lecithin, technically called a phospholipid, is one of the richest natural sources of choline and inositol. Choline is transformed into acetylcholine, a brain chemical that’s vital for the transmission of messages between brain cells. Together, Lecithin and Choline help build cell membranes and facilitate the movement of fats and nutrients in and out of cells.

Lecithin is a natural fatty substance found in many animal and plant-based foods, including liver, egg yolks, soy beans, peanuts and wheat germ. It’s often added to some processed foods to help blend, or emulsify, the fats with water (like ice cream, margarine and salad dressings).

We have two Lecithin products – either as a convenient capsule form, or as a pleasant tasting powder.
  • Lecithin Granules
  • Lecithin Granules

  • 5 out of 5 (based on 22 reviews)
  • A naturally rich source of phosphatidyl choline and other phospholipids

  • Pure lecithin with a pleasant mild nutty taste. Great value source of choline, inositol and phosphatidyl serine for brain health, also popular with slimmers.
  • 450 Grams £11.95 Buy
  • Soya Lecithin Capsules
  • Soya Lecithin Capsules

  • 5 out of 5 (based on 31 reviews)
  • Convenient, rich source of choline, inositol and phosphatidyl serine.

  • Pure natural lecithin from soya. Great source of choline and inositol, plus phosphatadyl serine. Popular choice for slimmers. UK Made
  • 120 Capsules £6.50 Buy
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