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Why We Don't Sell Vitex Chasteberry: What Alternatives Can I Take?

Vitex Chasteberry

Vitex was a part of our herbal supplement offering, however, recent legislation regarding herbal products has required us to make some changes to our range.  Several herbs have been recognised as having health benefits and for this reason it has become a requirement to license them as Traditional Herbal Medicines, Vitex is one of these.

When applying for a THR license it is necessary to prove that the herb has been used, by humans, at the proposed strength for at least 30 years – 15 of which should be within the EU. In the case of Vitex this history has not yet accrued and currently the only strength being approved as a THR is 4mg of extract. This is such a large drop in potency (the previous product provided 100mg extract) that we have decided to wait until such a time as a higher dose can be licensed.

We recognise that we have many loyal customers using this herb and we are very sorry for the inconvenience that this may cause. There are however, a number of suitable alternatives, such as; magnesium, vitamin B6 and Myo-inositol.  For more specific advice please contact our Nutrition Advice Team.

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