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What We Don't Sell

We are an ethical company and we genuinely care about what we sell. We value the science behind supplements and building a reputation you can trust. Here’s why we’re different…

What makes Nature’s Best different? the stuff we don’t sell

You wouldn’t believe what we’re offered almost every week, crazy new nutrients, unusual exotic herbs and a collection of weird and wonderful devices. All have one thing in common; they’re all wonder cures…apparently! Here are some of the most common examples, many of which you’ll be able to spot in other mail order catalogues.

Endangered Herbs

Some herbs are still collected from the wild and while this is sustainable for an indigenous population, the commercial collecting for world markets is driving many plants to extinction. That’s why all the herbs we sell are grown commercially and that’s why currently you won’t find Pygeum, Hoodia, Pau D’Arco or Cat’s Claw in our range.

Libido Boosters

Despite the outrageous and illegal claims made by some mail order companies, usually for exotic rain forest herbs such as horny goat weed, there is little evidence that any work – and certainly not at the low doses being sold. These kinds of products say a lot about the companies that sell them – enough said!

Glucosamine Patches

We’ve heard of nicotine patches, HRT patches and morphine patches; serious drugs released in tiny quantities over a sustained period and carried through the skin by ‘transdermal’ compounds. This just doesn’t apply to glucosamine. Glucosamine is a nutrient needed in large quantities and known to be easily absorbed when taken as a tablet. Read more.

Breast Enhancing Pills

These really have to be the worst waste of money. There is no scientific evidence that any nutritional supplement can encourage breast tissue to grow. And if it did then everything else would get bigger too! Probably not the look you are aiming for.