Milk Thistle Legislation Change

Recent legislation regarding herbal products has required some changes to our range. Several herbs have been recognised as having health benefits and for this reason it has become a requirement to license them as Traditional Herbal Medicines. We are currently permitted to sell any of our remaining stocks of these herbs, but not allowed to make any further unlicensed stocks. As the legislation only applies to herbs which are classed as “non-culinary” in use, many of our herbs will be unaffected. Only 10 products in our Herbal range are affected and will require a license, and Milk Thistle (Silymarin) was one of these.

We have endeavoured to produce a new tablet as cost effective as we could, and we are still competitive compared to many other licensed Milk Thistle products that are available. We would not have chosen to change our original product but we were given the option to apply for a licence which required a drug master file or to stop selling an excellent herb that we know has helped many of our customers in the past.


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