Vitamin K

.There has been renewed interest recently in Vitamin K due to the important role it plays in the maintenance of normal healthy bone by helping the body to utilise calcium efficiently. Vitamin K is also known to contribute to normal blood coagulation which means it is part of the blood-clotting process that jumps in to action when we have a wound.

All of our multi formulas provide Vitamin K and the two highest strengths can be found in Multi-Max® Advance and Multi-Max® Complete. Useful levels are also included in our bone health formula Osteoguard®.

  • 25percentOff
  • Vitamin K Complex

  • Contributes to the maintenance of normal bone

  • Vitamin K contributes to the maintenance of normal bone. Each small one-a-day tablet contains 75µg (100% RDA). A natural K1/K2 combination. UK-made and tested.

  • 60 Tablets £9.70 Buy
  • Multi-Max® Advance

  • The ideal one-a-day multi for the over 50s

  • The UK’s best one-a-day multi for 50+ adults. High levels of B Vitamins, lutein, selenium, Vitamins D, C & E, with turmeric and green tea.
  • 30 Tablets £7.95 Buy
    90 Tablets £19.75 Buy
  • Multi-Max® Complete

  • The most complete multi available for the over 50s

  • This fantastic multi is the same formula as Multi-Max® Advance PLUS calcium and magnesium. If you want just one product to take, this is it!
  • 90 tablets £13.75 Buy
    180 Tablets in 2 Pots £24.40 Buy
  • 15percentOFF
  • Osteoguard®

  • The UK's best bone formula just got better and still only 8p per day

  • The UK’s best all-in-one bone formula. An easy and affordable approach to optimising intakes of calcium and magnesium, vitamin D and vitamin K.
  • 90 Tablets £8.45 Buy
    180 Tablets £12.70 Buy
  • StrongStart®

  • One-a-day multi for pregnancy with folic acid and Vitamin D.

  • Comprehensive formula for women trying to conceive, already pregnant or breast feeding Safe effective nutrient levels with folic acid and iron.
  • 60 Tablets £10.50 Buy
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