Multi Minerals

Minerals cannot be synthesised by our bodies so we are completely reliant on our diet to supply these elements. They are as vital to our health as vitamins and a number of them are referred to as being essential - we could not live without them.
Unfortunately the soil in which crops are grown can become depleted of their mineral content meaning our food supply is not always a dependable source.

Although minerals are not destroyed by cooking, they can leach out of the food stuffs during this process. Peeling of foods (including polishing of rice and cereals) however, causes a major loss of minerals from our foods.

Taking a multimineral is by far the most cost effective way of supplementing your diet with minerals.
  • Mega Mineral Complex

  • Highest strength multi mineral complex

  • Mega Mineral Complex is in a class of its own in terms of the minerals it supplies and is highly recommended. We have been unable to find another product that offers the same benefits.

    This product offers an unbeatable combination of all the most important minerals including relevant amounts of the two mega minerals, calcium and magnesium, that are so often included in suplements at just token levels. In fact all of the minerals are present at relevant levels and this product can be taken with our high potency formula |Megavit//P602| to create a high potency supplement regime.

    Recommended daily intake: 1-2 tablets
  • 90 Tablets £13.50 Buy
  • Save
  • Osteoguard®

  • The UK's best bone formula just got better and still only 8p per day

  • The UK’s best all-in-one bone formula. An easy and affordable approach to optimising intakes of calcium and magnesium, vitamin D and vitamin K.
  • 90 Tablets £9.95 Buy
    180 Tablets £12.95 Buy
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